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5* Wheel Hotel and Storage

Wheel & Tyre Storage over the winter months and summer months





Why not treat your wheels and/or tyres to a luxury 5* experience at the UK’s first-ever Wheel Hotel?

Our hassle-free service, stores, changes and maintains your summer/winter wheels/tyres all year round. All for just £19.99 p/m.

Winter wheel & tyre storage made easy

Although motorists tend to disregard winter tyres and wheels in the UK, they can be a lifesaver as we are currently experiencing snow and ice and temperatures below 7 degrees. That’s why it’s important to have an appropriate set of tyres and wheels for winter to which you can access them whenever you require.

Wheel Hotel storage allows you to store your wheels and/or tyres without clogging up your own storage at home, and, when you want to switch your wheels and/or tyres back, we can store your summer wheels and/or tyres for you just as easily. 

Wheel Hotel - Storage for tyres and wheels including for winter tyres and summer tyres






Key Benefits of our Wheel Hotel include:

  • Removing & fitting your winter wheels/tyres
  •  Safe storage for your wheels/tyres
  •  Free Nitrogen Tyre Inflation (£40.00)
  •  Balancing all refitted tyres
  •  Tyres are torqued to manufacturing standards 

Why not treat your wheels and/or tyres to some TLC at our Wheel Hotel Spa?

Residents of the Wheel Hotel package can also enjoy the following spa break benefits:

  • Free wheel alignment & balancing
  • 25% off valve necks
  • 20% off wheel refurbishment
  • Discounted car body repair 

The UK’s first-ever Wheel Hotel is a convenient and affordable service to care for both your tyres and wheels. We will fit, balance and torque your summer/winter tyres and/or wheels for you and store your current set of tyres and/or wheels, until you are ready to switch again.

Call 01204 859045 today to book your wheels and/or tyres for £19.99/month