Micro Lenco Lathe: The Future of Mobile Wheel Repair

The Micro Lenco CNC lathe brings American automotive tool quality, incredible power and precision; and easier operator functionality together, giving you American muscle in a compact package.

Power & Precision with the all American Micro Lenco Lathe

The Micro Lenco Lathe isn't the same as other mobile wheel lathes. In fact, it's best not to think of this as a mobile lathe, as other mobile lathes just can't compare. The Micro Lenco is a high-precision workshop-quality lathe with a footprint that means it can be fitted into a van.


Vehicle Replacement
Small footprint fully mobile lathe

Micro Lenco has a small footprint making it perfect for installations where space is a premium or to become fully mobile through van installation.

Wheel Straightening
Cut faster with tyre on

For when you need extra efficiency, using it's unique wheel profiling system, the Micro Lenco is able to cut with the tyre still on without any fear of tyre damage.

Peace of Mind
Simple operation through bespoke software

Micro Lenco's bespoke operating software means that lathe operators are able to reach proficiency faster and wheel profiles can be saved increasing wheel cut volumes.

Wheel Pod Certifications
UK and European exclusive distributor

As the official exclusive UK and EU distributor, the team here at DA Techs can fully advise on lathe installation, operator training, and lathe maintenance and servicing. 

Who is the Micro Lenco Lathe Perfect For?

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Micro Lenco Lathe Van Installation

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Customised Branded Skins

Fully bespoke branded wrap skins available, our team can work with you to give your lathe character and reinforce your brand identity.
DA Techs Micro Lenco wrap example

Full range of financing options available

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Micro Lenco Up Close

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