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What Are the Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation?

At DA Techs, we can re-inflate your tyres using Nitrogen Dioxide (N2) instead of normal air. Nitrogen is used in military, aeroplanes and racing car tyres as there are several key benefits:

Tyre Pressure Remains Stable for Longer

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When tyres are filled with air, the oxygen molecules are much smaller and pass through tyre structures; hence why tyre pressures reduce. Pure nitrogen molecules are much larger than air molecules and therefore pass through tyre structures approximately three to four times slower.

Improved Tyre Wear and Fuel Economy

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Pure nitrogen has a more consistent rate of expansion and contraction compared to air, coupled with the fact that tyre pressures remain more stable, which means that tyres remain at their recommended pressures. This reduces tyre wear and positively impacts the vehicles fuel economy.

Increase Pressure Stability for Improved Grip, Braking and Safety

Tyres that are at the correct pressure offer improved grip under cornering and braking. Tyres are carefully designed by manufacturers to run at an optimum pressure, which means that the tread is in contact with the road under acceleration, cornering and braking to maximise safety.

Nitrogen Dioxide Tyres Offer Corrosion Resistance to the Wheel







Filling with pure nitrogen - as opposed to air - prevents water vapour in tyres. Over time, water vapour sitting on the inside of the wheel can cause corrosion to the barrel of the wheel and it can make the tyre brittle and more likely to blow out.

As tyres are heated up under use, the pressure increases. The unknown water content makes the tyre pressure unpredictable and inconsistent, making it difficult to know how much grip a tyre has on the road.

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