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What Is Wheel Alignment and Why Is It Important?

Often under-inflated tyres can cause issues that could also be a sign that your wheels are misaligned.

The first thing you should do is check your tyres' pressure, and if they are within the legal limit, this is an indication that your wheels may be misaligned. We've put together four symptoms of misaligned wheels.

1: Your Car is Pulling to One Side

You can check your wheels' alignment by driving down a straight and quiet road; and if you're needing to apply slight pressure on the steering wheel to keep it going in a straight line, then your wheels will need to be realigned.

If your car has this symptom, take it down to DA Techs and our car specialists will realign your car to keep you safe on the roads.

2: Your Steering Wheel is Uneven

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If you’re driving on a straight road, your steering wheel should be perfectly centred. One simple way to check your wheels' alignment is by looking at the emblem on your car's steering wheel. If the emblem doesn’t look level whilst driving down a straight road, this indicates that your steering wheel is not centred.

When your car has been realigned, the steering wheel will be centred, and you will have more control of your car.

3: Your Steering Wheel is Uneven

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If you notice any signs that your steering wheel feels loose, this can be extremely dangerous as it can worsen the response time when turning the steering wheel. This is usually caused by misaligned wheels and you should have your car inspected by our car specialists.

4: Tyre Wear is Uneven

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If one side of your tyres is wearing out faster than the other side, this is another indication of having misaligned wheels.

You should measure your tyres' tread depth across the width of each tyre by using a 20p coin. If your wheels are correctly aligned, they will have the same tread depth across the tyres. 

Get your car checked out by our car specialists if you have experienced any of the symptoms listed above.

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