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Tyre Maintenance for Your Fleet

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Preventative vehicle maintenance is an essential part of sustaining a healthy fleet.

Undertaking extensive vehicle checks assist in achieving the best possible long-term ROI. One key area that should be monitored attentively is tyre maintenance. After all, it's the rubber on the road that keeps your vehicle moving. To improve road safety, prevent any avoidable costs and ultimately make your fleet safer.

Safety is always the main concern. Tyres that are not properly maintained are a danger to your drivers and everyone else on the road. Human error, along with unsafe tyres serve as key contributors to accidents. This responsibility falls on your team to ensure the vehicle is legal and safe before your driver sits behind the wheel.

Would you risk a £10,000 fine and 3 penalty points for a worn tyre?

20p coin tread depth test for fleet vehicle tyre safety

If all four of your tyres are worn below the legal tread depth of 1.6mm, you could be facing up to a £10,000 fine and 3 penalty points. Not only are you risking your licence but you are also putting your life in danger especially when roads are wet and icy.

In addition to this, each tyres' air pressure should be checked daily to ensure that it is inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Thorough inspections for any punctures, cracks and abrasions should be carried out.

But while safety is crucial, properly maintained tyres will also reduce your fuel bills and have a longer life. If you follow these simple guidelines, it will ensure that your vehicles run safely on their journeys.

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