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6 Signs Your Car Needs New Tyres

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When was the last time you changed your tyres? This is often turned a blind eye to even though tyres are essential in keeping you safe on the roads.

If your tyres are overly worn, they will worsen the control of your car, give you less grip on the road and increase the chance of aquaplaning. Your stopping distance is poorer when your tyres are overly worn and could even result in a blowout.

So, we’ve put together a checklist of 6 signs you should look out for that your tyres are in need of replacing, so you won't need an expert to tell you it’s time to change.

1. Tyre Tread Depth

Your tyres will need to meet legal requirements for them to be roadworthy. If you disregard these regulations and continue to drive with overly worn tyres, this could result in points on your licence or hefty fines.

If you were to purchase a brand-new car, the tread depth would be around 8mm but, throughout its time, it will wear down. The legal limit for the depth of tread on each tyre needs to have a minimum of 1.6mm. So, when your tyres are lower than 3mm, you must get them booked in at your local tyre garage.

You could also check them yourself by doing the 20p coin test, which will indicate whether your tread depth is deemed illegal.

2. Cracks on the Sidewall

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When you’re checking your tyres, you should be looking for any visible cracks. The cracks in the sidewall of the tyre are a prior indication of a potential blowout, which is highly dangerous when travelling at speed. Cracks occur due to deterioration in the chemicals and oils in the rubber material the tyres are made up of.

So, if the cracks in the sidewall are starting to look dangerous, bring your car to DA Techs to get your FREE tyre safety check.

3. Your Tyres are Over 5 Years Old

Tyres have a lifespan which if bought from new, will last around 5 years. After this time the rubber compound begins to come apart, resulting in a high likelihood of cracks and blisters appearing on your tyres and sometimes even blowouts.

Even if they seem usable, it’s still a good idea to get yourself a new set of tyres. Another way you can tell it's time to replace your tyres is by checking their mileage. If you have a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for how many miles they can do before they will need replacing. On average, tyres will last for around 25,000 miles, however, this depends on your driving style and the car you drive.

4. Strange Noises Coming From Your Tyres

We all know how concerning it is when you suddenly hear peculiar noises coming from your car. You must get your car checked out for any odd noises, especially when they’re coming from your tyres. A squeaking, whining or creaking sound is often an indication that you have a problem with your tyres.

These noises occur when a tyre gets a puncture or starts to crack, the sound is produced when there is a change in air compression. You should not disregard this noise if you hear it, as it could result in a tyre blowout.

5. Your Car is Vibrating

If you're noticing excessive vibration in your tyres while driving, this is most likely a sign that there is a problem with your alignment and/or balancing. Tyre vibration is not only irritating, but it can also affect your judgement significantly and it may cause an accident. If you ignore the vibration and don't act upon it, your tyres will begin to wear unevenly and excessively, resulting in an early tyre replacement.

6. Bulges and Blisters on Your Tyre

In some cases, the outer surface of the tyre will begin to weaken. Over time as the tyre continues to weaken, bulges or blisters can emerge from the rest of the surface. This weakened area may cause a sudden blowout, so if you notice anything unusual with your tyre, it is vital to get your tyres checked out immediately or even replaced.

How often should you be inspecting your tyres? You should check your tyres every 4 weeks. Although if you’re about to embark on a long journey, you should always check your tyres before travelling.



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