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How to Check Your Tyres

Would you risk a £2,500 fine (per tyre) and 3 penalty points for a worn tyre?

If all four of your tyres are worn below the legal limit, you could be facing up to a £10,000 fine. Not only are you risking your license but you are also putting your life in danger especially when roads are wet and icy.

Step 1 – Check tyre to see if you need a new tyre

Coin Red-1  Coin Good



One easy way to check your tyre’s tread depth would be the “20p Test”.

Here’s how it works:

  • Place the 20p piece into the tread of your tyre
  • If you are able to see the raised edge around the coin, this will mean your tyre’s tread is below 1.6mm and is illegal to drive on.

Step 2Find out the size of your tyres

Tyre Spec




If you need to replace your tyres, it's here on the sidewall that you can find the tyre specifications. Each number has a different meaning in this order:

  • The 3-digit number is the tyre’s width, such as "175mm"
  • The 2-digit number is the tyre’s aspect ratio, e.g. 65", to represents the tyre’s sidewall height
  • The letter tells you how a tyre is constructed, such as, the "R" means that the tyre has radial construction
  • The 2-digit number indicates the diameter of your wheel, such as "15in"
  • There may also be a 2 or 3-digit number that represents the max load capacity of your tyre, such as "95" to state that it can hold up to 690 kg

Step 3 – Enter you tyre details/registration number on DA Techs’ website

We’ve made it simple to find the perfect tyres for you.

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You will then be able to choose from our wide-ranging tyre brands that suit all budgets. Once you have selected your tyres, we will give you a call to make arrangements to have your brand-new tyres fitted.

Step 4 – Your old tyre is replaced with your new tyre

When you arrive onsite, we will safely remove your old tyre and check your wheels for any corrosion or damage. We will then fit your brand-new tyre and inflate. You could even treat your new tyres to nitrogen inflation for maximum safety and performance. we then balance and torque your wheel to ensure a safe and secure refitting.

Step 5 – Payment

Now the service is complete, you will receive the invoice which you can pay in full by debit/credit card on the day or you can use our monthly instalment payment.

Payment Assist allows you to pay an initial 25% of the total cost and then pay the remaining 75% in 3 monthly instalments with no interest & no fee.