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How to Save Money on Your End of Lease Repairs

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Whether you are in need of a repair for scratched paintwork, minor dents, scuffed bumpers or need an alloy wheel repair or tyre repair on your leased vehicle, DA Techs has got you covered.

Leasing companies are thorough when it comes to checking for any cosmetic damage on your vehicle and if they spot any damage during their inspection, you will be charged the new manufactured rate of the repairs or any parts required.

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A more affordable option would be to ask our experts at DA Techs to inspect your vehicle and give you a free estimate saving you hundreds and possibly even thousands of pounds. Our in-house specialists are familiar with the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) Fair Wear & Tear guidelines, and they will check over your vehicle and tell you what areas will need repairing and which ones won't.

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What is usually considered excessive wear and tear?

The following are all the repairs you can expect when returning your leased car:

Using our in-house specialist technicians we will carry out all the necessary repairs so they meet the required standard set by the BVRLA. 


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Why Choose DA Techs for your End of Lease repair?

  • Affordablea fraction of the price of traditional car repair companies
  • Convenientone-stop shop for all your cosmetic repairs
  • High standardsour customer service is rated 5* on Google Reviews

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