How To Spot The First Signs Of Alloy Wheel Damage

Alloy Wheel Damage

When it comes to alloy wheel damage, prevention is always greater than cure. The problem is, it can prove very difficult – or even impossible – to identify when your wheels aren’t right.

In many instances, tyres and rims may appear to look almost as good as new on the surface, but a closer look can lead to some troublesome revelations.

The impact of alloy wheel damage can be devastating when it isn’t addressed promptly and appropriately – not to mention it can cost a small fortune. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you know a bit about the red flags for injured alloys so, here are the warning signs you should watch out for.

The importance of healthy alloys

As well as giving your car an impressive, head-turning aesthetic quality, excellent alloy wheels add a sense of structural integrity to the vehicle and even improve driving quality. Not only do they allow for smoother steering but can also help drivers turn corners with minimal effort.

However, even the best alloy wheels can suffer damage on the road – especially if you use your car on a regular basis. Scratches and scrapes may look like innocuous, superficial damage to the untrained eye, but they can often indicate that the wheel rims are under severe strain.

Damaged alloy wheels don’t just affect the look of the car. When alloy wheels aren’t at their best, it places added pressure on the rest of the vehicle. The engine has to work twice as hard to keep the tyres spinning – meaning your vehicle glugs fuel at a faster rate. You’ll also find yourself spending more time on the road as you struggle to reach high speeds in a short time frame.

The domino effect of damaged alloys is undeniable. Something as simple as a small bend can cost you a lot of unnecessary money and time. But what causes alloys to lose their sheen and strength?

Causes of damaged alloy wheels

A common cause of damaged alloy wheels is a high-impact collision – such as bouncing against a kerb at speed. This can dislodge the alloy and/or peel away protective layering so that dust, debris and damp can get inside – causing long-term issues like rust that make steering difficult and dangerous.

Sometimes, however, the damage is not immediately obvious. Going too fast over a speedbump or hitting a pothole, for example, can cause considerable harm to a wheel rim.

When it comes to looking after your wheels, you can never be too careful, so be sure to book in a check-up if you’ve had any kind of accident – major or minor.

How much alloy wheels cost to get fixed depends on the extent of the damage – but finding a team of professionals who know their stuff is the most important thing of all.

How do I know when I need to book alloy wheel damage repairs?  

There are various symptoms of damaged alloy wheels. Some of them might appear surprising, and many drivers often mistake them as being harmless or related to a different area of the car entirely.

You should look out for:

  • Visible damage to your wheel
  • Constant deflation of tyres
  • Vibration in steering wheel or seat
  • Unresponsive handling
  • Increased effort when turning the steering wheel
  • Increase in number of fuel fill-ups you’re making every month
  • Thumping or rattling sound during driving

If you experience any of the above, it’s time to get an alloy wheel expert on the case to determine what the exact problem is – making sure any necessary repairs are made in the process.

How to repair alloy wheel damage

The team here at DA Techs can pinpoint problems way before they cause considerable damage that takes a disheartening chunk out of your bank account. By visiting us for regular check-ups, you can take advantage of expert advice on how to fix scratched aluminium wheels whilst enjoying high-quality alloy wheel repair for a fraction of the price. The sooner problems are identified, the cheaper – and more effective – the overall repairs.

Bring in your car today and our team can take a look at the current condition of your alloy wheel rims. We’re based just outside of Chorley in Adlington South Business Park – easily accessible from all the major cities in the North West.

If you’re a little worried about driving on your wheels (perhaps there’s an unnerving rattle or menacing looking scratch on the tyre) just give us a call on 01204 859045 and we’ll come to you instead!

For alloy wheel refurbishment, DA Techs are the best team to turn to. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.