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Have You Checked Your Caravan's Tyres?

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Now that Easter Bank Holiday is just around the corner and lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, it’s time to get your caravan out for a trip with your family!

Just like your car, our caravan’s tyres are vital in keeping you safe on the roads. You must make sure that before you attack it onto your tow bar that you’ve checked the age and condition of the caravan’s tyres.

Checking the age of the caravan tyre

You can find the age of your caravan’s tyre very quickly and easily. On the sidewall of every caravan tyre the age can be found in a series of numbers. However, the last four digits represents the age of the tyre.

In this example the last 4 digits are 4219.

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The first 2 digits tell you the week the tyre was produced, and the final 2 digits tell you the year. Therefore, 42 is the 42nd week in the year 2019.

If you haven’t checked your tyres already, it’s vital to give your caravan tyres a quick check through. In fact, you should be checking your tyres before every long journey as it should be part of your routine maintenance check.

Caravan Tyre Safety Checks

As you don’t use your caravan daily, the tread may not wear down as quickly as your car would. Caravan tyres often suffer from cracking through age, that will begin to appear on the sidewall of your tyres. When your tyres are left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time, the ultraviolet light can eventually damage the tyre.






Just as you need to check your car tyres’ tread depth, caravan tyres need to have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread depth by law. 

You must make sure that your caravan tyres are correctly inflated. Air from the tyre gradually escapes over time, so it’s very likely that if you haven’t recently checked your tyre pressure for a while, they will be deflated. Under-inflated tyres will wear at a faster rate and could blowout completely. You should also carry out the same checks on your spare tyre too.

If you need your tyres inflating our Nitrogen Tyre Inflator will ensure that they stay inflated for longer and improve the tyres' life!

Call 01204 859 045 today to book your caravan's tyres in for a Nitrogen Tyre Inflation.