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3 Reasons Why Part Worn Tyres Can Be Fatal

Do you know how dangerous part worn tyres can really be? Although they may save you money in the short-term, they could prove to be a serious threat to your safety. To talk you through why they are so dangerous, we have compiled a list of reasons why part worn tyres can be life-threatening.







Part worn tyres are quite simply not fit for purpose. Why you may ask? Well, just as the name itself suggests, part worns will already have been severely worn down by the original owner. The owner will have noticed that the tyre may have a puncture, or maybe the tread has been worn down to a state that is now possibly illegal to drive on. Part worn tyres’ quality will always be way below their original standard and may only be partly safe. Bearing in mind just how vital tyres are in keeping you safe on the roads, it’s worth avoiding part worn tyres at all costs.


When you choose to purchase brand-new premium tyres, like those made by Pirelli, Michelin or Goodyear, they have an 8mm tread depth. This gives you the grip you need to keep you safe. On the other hand, part worn tyres are often resold with just 3mm of tread depth which is only just above the legal limit which is 1.6mm.

Once your tread depth falls below 3mm, at this stage our tyre experts recommend that drivers replace their tyres with new ones, as by this point in the tyres’ life, degradation and wear begins to accelerate at a faster rate. You can check your tyres' tread depth by doing the 20p test.

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In many cases, part worn tyres are sold with serious tyre damage that can increase the likelihood of the tyre failing resulting in a car accident. TyreSafe undertook an investigation of part worn tyres and they found that over 98% of part worn tyres that were sold in the UK did not comply with the regulations and 34% were deemed dangerous.

Part worn tyres may have: Cuts, bulges, or nicks

All of these symptoms can severely affect the strength of the tyre’s sidewall. The sidewall is crucial for supporting the vertical strength of the tyre, as it absorbs a large quantity of stress that tyres experience.

Part worns have been found to have: Glass, nails and sharp objects lodged in the tyre

These sharp objects an increase the chance of your tyre puncturing or even the tyre to completely blow-out. If this was to happen when driving at a high speed with part worn tyres you could end up in a serious accident.





If you’re still not sure of whether you need new tyres, DA Techs’ tyre experts are happy to assist with any queries you have.

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