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24-Hour Wheel Refurbishment

We now offer a premium 24-hour wheel refurbishment service. So you can get your wheels and vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Have your alloy wheels lost their shine? Can you see scratches or cracks on the surface? Our alloy wheel specialists can easily reproduce the original factory finish with the help of diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment.

Here's our alloy wheel refurbishment process:

1. Wheels removed

Mercedes wheel removed from car for alloy wheel refurbishment

First, your wheels are taken off your vehicle. Then the tyres are removed, so we can access the alloy wheel and also assess the condition of the tyres to ensure they are fit for road use.

2. Stripped

The alloy wheels are then immersed in our acid tank to remove all the lacquer, paint and primer so the wheels are fully stripped to the bare alloy.

3. Shotblasted

Following this, the wheels are shot blasted to remove any corrosion before sanding out any damage to the rim ready for powder coating.

4. POwder coated

Alloy wheel powder coated before being baked in the oven

The wheels are then powder coated and baked in our oven at 200°C for 40 minutes to provide the very best base possible.

5. Diamond Cut

Diamond cut feature cut using diamond cutting CNC lathe

Then the diamond cut feature is recut using our state-of-the-art CNC Lathe.

6. Lacquered

To fully protect and seal the colour in, specialist wheel lacquer is applied. Following this, it is then returned back into the oven. 

7. Tyres Fitted

Tyre refitted to tyre before being balanced

Once the wheels pass our quality standards inspection, your tyres are then refitted and wheels are balanced.

8. fitted

Wheel is fitted back ono the car and torqued to ensure car is safe on the road





The wheels are then safely and securely fitted back onto your car and torqued ready to hit the road.

Call us today on 01204 859 045 to find out more about our alloy wheel refurbishment service.