Alloy Repair Specialists

We make 1st class alloy wheel repair & refurbishment possible for all our customers. We repair & refurbish all:

  • Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Powder Coated Alloy Wheels 
  • Painted Alloy Wheels

Our breadth of experience has made us the experts: we perform each task with the utmost professionalism and carry out quality and compliance checks to guarantee excellence.


Your tyres are inspected and then removed on one of our leverless tyre removal machines. The tyres are then labelled and safely stored.

The wheels are then dipped into our hydrofluoric acid tank to strip them of the powder coat or paint and to remove any contaminants, rust and corrosion from your alloy wheels.

Damage around the rim is hand-sanded out and the wheels are then shot blasted provide a perfect primed base for the new finish.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most affordable and durable finish that can be applied to your wheels.

We have a wide range of standard colours available and we can also colour match finishes with our in house paint scheme if you wanted something a little different. Our skilled technicians powder coat the wheels and then bake them in our ovens which gives durability.

Step 7


Once powder coated, the wheels are ready for one our top-of-the-range Diamond Cutting CNC lathes to sensitively and meticulously skim across the face of your alloys leaving the sleek shined surface of the diamond cut alloy.

Step 8

after After
before Before


As alloy wheels are more fragile than steel wheels, straightening them needs to be carried out by our wheel experts that will straighten your wheels with utmost caution and care.

Alloy Welding

Our alloy wheel specialists can fill and weld most minor scrapes or even major cracks your wheels may have, which saves you the cost of a new alloy.


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DA Techs treatment process

Before DA Techs treatment
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During DA Techs treatment
After DA Techs treatment


We currently cover the whole of the North-West of England but will be soon covering the whole of the UK.

The areas we currently work in are: Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside Cheshire, Cumbria


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  • Combined 100 years experience in the motor industry
  • Conveyorised Powder Coating System
  • Latest CNC Wheel Lathes
  • Combined 50 years of powder coating experience

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