Tony Hewitt: Technical Manager


Tony has 25+ years experience in the automotive and tyre industry.

Since joining DA Techs in 2019, he has been instrumental to both the team and the business: his industry knowledge and experience has enabled him to effectively lead a team of 18+ technicians delivering the highest quality work to trade and public customers, refurbishing 400+ alloys per week - that's over 50,000 alloys a year!

After developing significant technical knowledge over the years and building and stewarding the workshop team so successfully, Tony has responsibility for the technical aspects of sale, fulfilment, servicing and training, whilst maintaining responsibility for the technical aspect of the workshop processes, training of staff and maintenance of equipment.

Brand Promise

Our Brand Promise

We are driven by quality and service, even when nobody is watching.

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Our Brand Personality

We are welcoming, approachable, respectful, caring and knowledgeable.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

We delight Customers with the results we create. We make every team member feel valued and remember what is important to them.