Phil Barnard: Operations Director


Phil Barnard comes from a sales and business operations background. Prior to C0-Founding DA Techs in 2016 with Jamie Baxter (Business Development Director), he worked for a market-leading manufacturer of timber-based products for 15 years as a Group Sales Director. While working here, he enjoyed the rich experiences he gained from working in a variety of sales and marketing based roles, which led him to pursue a career in business operations in the automotive industry. 

As Operations Director, Phil is responsible for a wide range of operational activities, but his main role is to collaborate with the management team to develop performance goals and long-term operational plans. This involves building and maintaining relationships with suppliers with the goal of supporting operational activities. He also works closely with Jamie to set targets for operational growth. 

Phil’s expertise is integral in serving DA Tech's trade customers, and he’s leading the team in bringing Wheel Pods across the country, providing on-site high volume alloy wheel repair for automotive businesses across the UK. 

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