Dan Hurst: Business Development Manager

DA Techs MAy 2022 (45)

Dan has been working in the automotive industry for more than 5 years now, and has a background working in sales and customer service. Before arriving at DA Techs, he worked as a Sales Executive for BMW Williams, which means he understands the needs of trade customers and knows how to deliver excellent customer service.

Dan’s main responsibilities as the Business Development Manager, is to source new business contacts whilst also maintaining DA Techs’ existing business relationships with customers moving forward. This involves offering trade customers on-site alloy wheel refurbishment services, and consulting with trade customers on the phone and online to create bespoke repair solutions to address their business’ needs.

As DA Techs continues to grow its Wheel Pod service, Dan’s expertise in networking and customer service will be instrumental in growing Wheel Pods in the automotive retail industry. In the future, he is keen to assist the management team's efforts to expand the application of Wheel Pods in the automotive retail industry.

DA Techs MAy 2022 (45)
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