Jamie Baxter: Business Development Director

Jamie Baxter

Jamie Baxter is the Business Development Director and Co-Founder of DA Techs, with 15+ years of experience in the automotive industry.  Throughout his extensive career, he has worked in various sales and administrative roles for some of the biggest names in the industry, including BMW, Mini and Volkswagen. His most recent role before DA Techs was within the Retail Sales Department of BMW, where he worked as Sales Manager.

During his time at BMW, Jamie noticed that a large majority of automotive businesses were outsourcing their vehicle repairs externally to third parties, a process that was not only costing them a significant amount of time but also money. His experiences at BMW led to him searching for a solution to address the needs of these customers, which is why he co-founded DA Techs with Phil Barnard (Operations Director) to bring cost-effective premium vehicle repairs to other businesses.

Jamie oversees the sales and financial performance of DA Techs as a day to day function. With the assistance of Phil, he spearheads business Wheel Pod ventures and the sale of premium vehicle repair services to trade customers. He is also a driving force for the development of new business ideas; his passion for the industry means that he is constantly searching for creative ways to enhance DA Techs’ service offerings for customers.

As DA Techs continues to grow, Jamie plans to bring premium vehicle repairs to more areas of the UK, focussing on Wheel Pods and de-fleeting. 

Jamie Baxter
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