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When to Repair My Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel?

OK, so we’ve told you to get your diamond cut alloy wheel repaired and to get the job done properly. Whilst we’re at it, we should also tell you when to get them done.

Kerbing an alloy on your new car can really take that “new car shine” off; if that’s the case, get in touch, sooner rather than later.

If you can live with it, our honest advise is always 7-10 days before your car is due for lease return!

As much as we’d like to see you in the days after you scuff the first wheel, the average return for a lease car is 36 months and PCP agreements can average 24 months. The chances are you’ll be back during that time. Bare in mind the average three year old car we repair requires 2.4 diamond alloy wheel refurbishments.

Only a specialist should repair a diamond cut alloy wheel. The number of repairs possible depends on the depth of the damage, style, type and depth of the wheel. If it has been repaired elsewhere, we will need to look at it in person and will only undertake a repair if we are 100% happy that it is safe.

How can we help with your diamond cut alloy wheel?

Have a look at the results that our team of specialists can manage to achieve and check out our specialist equipment. Our state of the art mobile workshop is custom designed. We to come to your showroom, bodyshop, home or office, to have your vehicle back on sale or on the road, with pristine wheels within the hour. We are currently operating in the whole of the North West, but will be soon covering the whole of the UK.

Get in touch with our team at or call us on 01204 859045 to find out more.


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