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Company Vehicle Bodywork Repairs at DA Techs

Company Van Repair at DA Techs





Your fleet is out on the road every day for the world to see, which is why you must ensure your vehicle is in its best condition.

If your vehicle is in bad condition, people will associate your vehicle with a poorly cared for company. That’s why it's vital to regularly check your vehicle in at a reputable body shop such as DA Techs. After all, it's an important investment for your business. This article will help you see the many benefits of going to a body shop for regular maintenance.

Experienced Body Shop Technician spray painting company vehicle





High-quality, low-cost repairs for fleet vehicles

We are committed to getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, our aim is to reduce and minimise the impact on your business and to work seamlessly with you. With our state-of-the-art equipped body shop we will complete your repairs quickly and to the highest standard.

Your vehicle is a driving billboard that represents your business. If you want to ensure that you are representing your company in a positive light, you should regularly maintain your vehicle at an acclaimed body shop can be a great investment for your business. Make sure that your vehicle is properly cared for by taking it regularly to a body shop.

Paint mixing room at DA Techs with body repair specialist

As standard, at DA Techs you will receive the following from verified and experienced body repair specialists:

  • Fully guaranteed parts and service
  • Genuine parts and repairs
  • Manufacturer standard processes
  • All repairs are carried out by certified specialists


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