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How to Clean Your Alloy Wheels

Your alloy wheels soon become dirty from driving every day as they are constantly within touching distance from the road. This can make them very difficult to give a thorough clean.

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We've put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to clean your alloy wheels and keep them squeaky clean for longer!

1. Use an Alloy Wheel Cleaner

We recommend using an alloy wheel cleaner. You could use just a standard car shampoo but; this will only remove the surface dirt and not any ingrained dirt. However, by using an alloy wheel cleaner you will get a deeper and more thorough cleanse.

2. Use a Pressure Washer

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Using your pressure washer or hose will remove any surface dirt and brake dust from the alloy wheel before you start the cleaning process.

3. Apply a Significant Amount of Alloy Cleaner

When the surface dirt is removed from your alloy wheel with water, you will then need to apply a significant amount of alloy wheel cleaner to your wheels.

4. Wait 5 Minutes for Alloy Cleaner To Work

Wait approximately five minutes for the cleaner to work, but do check the instructions on the wheel cleaner as they may vary.

5. Rinse the Product Off

Following the 5-minute wait, you can then rinse the wheel cleaner off with water.

6. Dry Your Alloy Wheels

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Then you can dry the alloy wheels with a microfibre cloth to avoid ugly watermarks on your now gleaming and shiny alloys.

7. Use Wheel Wax on Your Wheel

If you've ever used car wax on your car before, an alloy wheel wax works in the same way. It will protect your alloys like car wax protects your car's paintwork. You'll need to apply the wax of choice with an applicator pad and then buff the wheel. The wax will ensure your wheels keep their shine and also put a stop to brake dust adhesion. We recommend that you should wax your alloy wheels every two or three weeks, as it will ensure your wheels keep in their best possible condition.

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If you've found any damage to your alloy wheels whilst cleaning them, our specialists at DA Techs can repair the damage on your wheels and get them back to their original condition.

How are alloy wheels repaired at DA Techs?

To get your free alloy wheel repair estimate, you can give us a call on 01204 859 045.