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Economy vs. Premium Tyres

When you’re looking to buy car tyres, you’ll soon find that they’re split up into various categories. This guide will break down what each class of tyre means.


For example, premium tyres and economy tyres. The clear difference between these tyre classes is in the name. However, there are various pros and cons that separate the two. Taking this into consideration, what are the advantages of these tyre categories, and how do you know that class of tyre best suits your car? 







If you’re wanting to save money on your car tyres, economy tyres may initially look the obvious choice for your budget. But don’t rush into buying before you look at different classes on offer.

When you start searching for a new set of tyres, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure the tyres have the speed capacity and load capacity for your car, as this is essential for compatibility. Then you’ll need to find out if your new tyres match your car in both driving style and power.

So, when are economy tyres the best choice for your car? If you’re a city driver or looking for a drive with low rolling resistance, then these tyres will treat you well. Consider shopping for your next set of economy tyres through manufacturers like:

  • Landsail
  • Delinte
  • Nexen


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Premium tyres are designed to give you a steady and smooth ride. If you’re shopping for tyres that support a powerful engine or to fit for a more aggressive style of driving, then premium tyres are the one for you.

Some of the top-range premium tyres come from manufacturers like:

          • Goodyear
          • Michelin
          • Bridgestone
          • Dunlop
          • Continental
          • Pirelli


Premium tyres will last longer, and they will save you money in the long-term as the rate of tyre wear is significantly slower for premium tyres due to their unique design and high-quality materials used. Also, in a study conducted by Continental tyres, they found that a premium tyre’s wet braking distance is over 5 metres longer when the vehicle was using budget tyres compared to premium tyres.

Also, Premium tyres are also more fuel efficient and quieter. Over a year you’ll save 80 litres of fuel which is roughly around £120. As a result, Premium tyres will work out to be the less expensive choice, with the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint.


If you’re still not sure of whether you to go for premium or budget tyres, DA Techs’ tyre experts are happy to assist with any queries you have.

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