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Should diamond alloy wheels be repaired for a car going back on lease?

To repair or not to repair? Many of you probably questioned before whether to repair your diamond cut alloy wheels.

Well the obvious answer to this is yes, and what else would we say as a Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel repair specialist?!

Maybe some people might take the decision not to refurbish wheels and send their lease car back with alloy wheel damage. This can lead to paying around £150 or more per wheel the cost to the leasing company to cover for the repair. After all, your car is vital, so who can afford to have it off the road for 3 to 4 days whilst repairs are done?

That’s where we bring you the solution! We are diamond alloy technicians and our business is geared around being a mobile, convenient and cost-effective solution to repair diamond cut alloy wheels. If you’re based in the North West of England and you need your wheels refurbished, we can carry out the repairs with our mobile workshop.

We will refurbish your wheels right the same day, helping you get your vehicle ready for sale or back on the road as fast as possible!

Get in touch at or call us on 01204 859045 to find out more.

set of four Da Techs diamond cut alloy wheels oin black and white

To repair properly or risk it with a cheap solution?

If you decide to repair your diamond cut alloy wheels, there are repairers out there who will happily bodge your wheels for you for a bargain price!

Diamond cut alloy wheels are machine turned, cut with diamond cutting tip on a lathe in the factory. We use the same technology to cut out the damage: we take the tyre off the wheel, place the wheel in our state of the art mobile lathe and machine the face down by fractions of millimetres, to take off the damage and reapply lacquer to give the wheel a stunning finish.

We regularly see and correct some horrendous “cheap” fixes, where diamond cut alloys have been sanded and painted. It may be a “pass” for a lease return, but we’re seeing more and more vehicle condition assessors spotting these cheap fixes/bodges, and then charging the customer and getting us to put the car right.

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