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6 Common Car Myths Debunked

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When it comes to cars, you may have heard, and possibly believed outdated myths about cars. Here, we've put together our top 6 common car myths that are simply not true:

1. A dirty car is more fuel-efficient.

The belief being that if your car is filthy, it will reduce drag, similar to the aerodynamics of a golf ball as they compare the dimples on the golf ball to that of a dirty car. When in fact, the dirt particles will generate more drag — and could reduce your fuel economy by up to 10%.

2. Filling up with petrol in the morning gives you more fuel

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The theory is that because the petrol is denser when it’s cold, when it often is in the morning and overnight, you will get more fuel for your money if you fill up your car in the morning. However, fuel is stored in large tanks underground underneath a thick layer of concrete, that acts as an insulator to keep the fuel at a constant temperature.

3. If you have AWD, you don’t need winter tyres

Many people think that if your car has all-wheel-drive, winter tyres are pointless. But whether you have an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle, your vehicle will reap the benefit from a set of winter tyres. Winter tyres have a tread pattern that is designed for icy or snowy conditions.

4. You should swap your rear tyres with your front tyres

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People tend to believe that you should switch around your front tyres with your back tyres if your front tyres are more worn down. However, by swapping your rear tyres with your front tyres, you could then run the risk of your car spinning in wet conditions. The reason being, your rear tyres provide you with stability, so the more tread on the rear tyres, the better. 

5. It’s illegal to drive with the interior light on

We’ve all been told off as a child by our parents for turning on the car's interior lights whilst they were driving. This myth is still believed by a lot of people, but in fact, it's not against the law to drive whilst your interior light is on. However, the interior light can be distracting at night and could interfere with your vision, as it reflects off the windscreen. Also, if your interior light was a probable cause of bad driving, you could receive a careless driving charge.

6. Rolling down your windows is better for fuel economy

By rolling down your windows or using the air conditioning makes little difference to your fuel efficiency. It is true that turning on the air conditioning will consume fuel at a faster rate. However, rolling down your windows will increase the wind resistance. As a result, the car will use more fuel as it is less aerodynamic with the windows open.

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