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5 Collision Repair Myths

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By learning these false common myths about collision repair, you will know how to avoid wasting your money.

Here is a list of the most common collision repair misconceptions you should be aware of:

1. Your car can never be repaired after a collision

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The Truth: Even if your chassis is damaged, your car is still repairable.

Most modern cars have a unibody frame, which means the body itself is part of the frame. Unibody frame damage is easier to repair because new car frames come in several parts.

So, if one part of the car is damaged, a body repair technician can simply repair the damaged piece. And, they can get your car back safely on the road in no time.

2. Taking your car to independent body repair shops can void its warranty

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The Truth: Any service provider can perform repairs covered under your warranty.

All you need to do is save the receipts as proof of the services done and the amount you paid. Warranties will not be voided this way. In fact, it may end up being more convenient for you in the long run. The only way the warranty can be invalid is if the servicing was not completed on time.

3. Trust the dealership only - They Do a Better Job

The Truth: Many independent body shops have just as highly qualified technicians and equipment to carry out the necessary repairs.

If you take your car to the body repair shop for small repairs, you can also rely on them for larger body repairs.

4. Insurance covers all repairs

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The Truth: If another driver had caused the wreck, their insurance company will pay for all your collision repair bills.

However, if you were at fault, you'll be required to pay a certain excess payment upfront when picking up your repaired car. You should always read the small print, especially if your insurer has made any changes.

For instance, the collision coverage only pays for repairs that are directly caused by the accident. It will not cover any damages that existed before the collision. We at DA Techs can reduce your excess payments of up to £300 per job.

5. You have to use your insurer’s recommended body repair shop

The Truth: You’re allowed to choose any body collision repair shop you wish

Your insurer will have a list of recommended body shops, but you are allowed to choose whichever body shop you desire. Your insurance company is not bound by law to tell you where to have your vehicle repaired.

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