Andy Wren: Bodyshop Director


From a young age Andy Wren has always had a passion for the automotive industry. He started his career as an Apprentice at Williams, Bolton where he achieved his NVQ qualification for panel repairs. During his time at BMW, he developed his skills by learning how to strip and refit vehicle components, trimps and replacing structural panels. After he completed his apprenticeship, Andy remained at BMW for 9 years until joining DA Techs in 2016.

As the Bodyshop Director, Andy oversees body repairs across the workshop floor as well as the SMART Tech mobile repair team. He ensures that the body shop technicians are working to deadlines whilst also keeping a close eye on the quality of repairs and paintwork. His years of experience combined with his vast knowledge of body repairs also means that he plays an integral role in damage assessment, as he determines whether or not a trade customers’ damage is minor enough to qualify for a SMART techs mobile repair.

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