Tony Hewitt: Workshop Manager and Tyres Director


Tony has 25+ years experience in the automotive and tyre industry.

Since joining DA Techs in 2019, he has been instrumental to both the team and the business: his industry knowledge and experience has enabled him to effectively lead a team of 18+ technicians delivering the highest quality work to trade and public customers, refurbishing 400+ alloys per week - that's over 50,000 alloys a year!

As Workshop Manager and Tyre Director, Tony is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all of the wheel orders that come into the workshop. He ensures turnaround time for commercial customers meets their deadlines, and private customers aren't left without their car for too long - on average 2 to 3 days. His years of experience also means that he has a keen eye for detail too, he is heavily involved in monitoring the quality of all the alloys that come out of the workshop and whether new tyres are needed. Before any alloys are returned, all customers can be assured that their orders are being checked thoroughly by an experienced professional.

In the future, Tony plans to use his expertise to expand his team further and oversee more regional work for DA Techs. Part of this involves training up more alloy and tyre technicians to staff different Wheel Pod locations throughout the UK. He is also extremely passionate about the development of his team and is currently in the process of training new apprentices, with hopes of bringing more into the team.

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