What to Do When Your Accident Damage Isn’t Repaired Properly

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A first-class body repair shouldn't look like it's been repaired, it should look as though it's brand-new.

Your car should feel and drive the way it did before and you should expect the same level of safety – no matter the severity of the accident.


You should check damage repairs, as you are entitled to inspect repairs before paying for the work or authorising the insurance to pay for the repairs. If the damage was severe, we would encourage you to take your car for a short test drive. The things you should look out for during this test drive:

  • The wheel alignment is correct
  • The headlights are working
  • The steering is normal
  • Your car isn't making any strange noises.


Dented Bumper





Before sending the insurance check or signing to pick up your car following your body repairs, you should look over your car to ensure that you are satisfied with the work that has been done.

If you are not happy with how the damage has been repaired, whether it's the new paint job you've had done, you should discuss it with the body shop that has carried out the repairs. Show them any defects that you have found, and make sure that your concerns are understood before the bill is paid or sent to the insurance. The manager should give you reasonable options for correcting the problem.


Your car should be restored to its original condition prior to the accident, regardless of whether your repairs were done by a body shop outside your insurance company’s approved networks. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached with the body shop you've used, or the quality of the repairs has not lived up to your expectations, you should contact your car insurance company as soon as possible. At that point, an agent can manage the dispute. A post-repair inspection may need to be carried out by an insurance claim’s adjuster before any payment is sent.

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