What Is De-Fleeting And Why Do You Need To Know About It?

What Is De-Fleeting And Why Do You Need To Know About It?

 Before fleet vehicles are passed from one owner to the next, they go through a process known as de-fleeting.  This is where all the necessary servicing and maintenance checks are conducted to ensure the car is road-ready, with additional cosmetic repairs made to attract higher value offers and increase the chances of a sale. Anyone who has leased a vehicle will need to ensure it ticks all the necessary boxes upon its return so that it is accepted by the dealership. Almost every lease provider will expect the car to be given back to them in a good condition, but the specifics are always different depending on the deal/contract signed at the start of the arrangement.

In this blog, we look at de-fleeting in more depth – highlighting how it applies to anyone returning a vehicle and what you need to know about the lease car inspection process.


What is de-fleeting? 

A thorough de-fleeting process involves making all the necessary repairs to guarantee a car is in suitable condition to be returned to the place where it originally came from. Any lender wants to know the true condition of the car before they welcome it back into their forecourt. Some damage may be readily apparent, whereas other damage may only be visible below the surface. In either instance, these issues will be discovered by the lender, and will cost you. With de-fleeting, you can protect yourself and help a car meet its contractual obligations. It’s crucial to return a lease car in as impressive condition as possible. In many instances, rented vehicles will also come with an accompanying contract stating the difference between natural wear and tear and damage you need to pay for.


Tips on returning a lease car 

The de-fleeting process varies substantially from car to car, with the amount of maintenance depending on a number of factors including vehicle age, ownership period, historical check-ups, and number of previous issues. During a proficient de-fleeting procedure, the entire car should be checked from top to bottom. Some of the most common areas that require touch-ups or repairs include:


  • Exterior paint
  • Wheel rims
  • Windshield
  • Windscreens and windows
  • Mirrors
  • Bumper
  • Headlamps
  • Interior fabric
  • Locks and door handles


Before you return a lease vehicle, it’s worth having all of the above examined and assessed by a professional. Consider what maintenance really needs to be made and take the vehicle to have aesthetic improvements made by experts. A well-serviced, sparkling-clean, newly-painted vehicle is particularly appealing to lenders, as the car has a much better chance of attracting interested buyers willing to offer good prices on longer deals.


What happens when you don’t de-fleet correctly?

Dealerships have staff on hand to conduct thorough inspections of all returned vehicles. These employees are trained to develop a vigilante eye when it comes to leased cars, uncovering any issues that might have been covered-up by the temporary owner. Cheap repairs never work. They’ll be spotted, highlighted and punished…ultimately costing you even more money in the long run. Failing to de-fleet correctly can result in an angry lender, contract disputes, fines & fees, and all kinds of unnecessary confrontation. That’s why it’s important that you should never take the risk. When it’s time to return a vehicle to its rightful owner, take it to a team who can make all the important repairs to the highest possible standards. De-fleet correctly and relax in the knowledge that your leased vehicle is being returned in prime condition.


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