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Your Complete Guide to Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

When you pull up against the curb and hear that awful screeching, your eyes scrunch up and your heart sinks. Stepping out to assess the damage, you stare down at your alloy wheels to find they’ve[...]


Entrepreneur launches first mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service

A top-performing sales manager from BMW Bolton left his role last year to set up a successful mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service.


Diamond Cut Alloy Repair – Your Options

Are you considering diamond cut alloy repair for your wheels? Not sure what options are available and what to choose from? Let us share with you two options for refurbishing your alloys.


Come and visit us!

Do you need your diamond cut or painted alloy wheels refurbished?


Where to refurbish alloy wheels?

Are you looking to refurbish alloy wheels? Search no more, we are DA Techs and our team specialises in a range of repair solutions for all types of alloy wheels.


When to Repair My Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel?

OK, so we’ve told you to get your diamond cut alloy wheel repaired and to get the job done properly. Whilst we’re at it, we should also tell you when to get them done.


Should diamond cut alloy wheels be repaired for a car going back on lease?

To repair or not to repair? Many of you probably questioned before whether to repair or not the diamond cut alloy wheels.


Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels – Your Complete Guide from DaTechs

Diamond cut alloy wheels are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Despite their increasing popularity, it is not always clear how to distinguish them from painted wheels and how to refurbish[...]