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How to Read Your Tyre Size

Your tyre size specifications are outlined by the various numbers and letters located on the sidewalls of your tyres.

At first glance, you may just see a jumble of numbers and letters on your tyre sidewall that seems completely meaningless. But understanding these bunch of numbers and letters will make life a whole lot easier when it comes to replacing your tyres. Finding your tyre size is more straightforward than you may think, once you break the letters and numbers down into sections.

If you need a new tyre, you can find your tyres specification on the sidewall. Each number has a different meaning in this order:

Tyre Spec





  • Tyre Width - 175 the 3-digit number is the tyre’s width in mm
  • Profile Height - 65 the 2-digit number is the tyre’s profile height in inches
  • Tyre Construction - R the letter tells you how a tyre is constructed, such as the "R" meaning that the tyre has radial construction
  • Diameter of Inner Rim - 17 the 2-digit number indicates the diameter of your wheel in inches
  • Load Index - 95 there may also be a 2 or 3-digit number that represents the max load capacity of your tyre, such as "95" to state that it can hold up to 690 kg

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