A Guide To Powder Coating Wheels

By Jamie

We’ve guided you through alloy wheel painting, but we barely scratched the surface with powder coating wheels. This method proves incredibly advantageous at preventing potential damage, as well as providing the opportunity to personalise the look and feel of your wheels.

Here, we take you through everything you’ll need to know about powder coating wheels.

The benefits of powder coating wheels

Powder coating wheels provides not only a stunning finish, but one that is highly durable and increases the wheels’ lifespan. Its tough properties provide defence from corrosion, heat, scratches, general wear and tear and severe weather conditions.

This also means that powder coating is easy to maintain – all that’s required is a wipe down with soapy water that’s then rinsed off, and this is only needed a few times per year. Powder coating wheels creates minimum waste as the powder fuses to the wheel, and it allows for a complete and adequate coverage, even in hard to reach areas.

It’s often seen as better than liquid coating because, when cured in an oven, powder coating doesn’t produce any volatile organic compounds. The powder coating process is also quite quick, as all the coating can be done in one session.

The powder coating process

If you opt to coat your wheels yourself, you may find the powder coating process a little difficult and time-consuming. Whilst it’s environmentally friendly, during the procedure you should take measures to prevent the inhalation of the powder, and you’ll need to make sure that you wear protective clothing so that it doesn’t touch your skin.

The first step in the powder coating process is to detach the wheels and remove the tyre. The wheels should then be thoroughly cleaned, and any old coatings removed.

Following this, a compressed air sprayer is required to electrostatically charge the powder – this bonds the coating to the wheels. After you’ve done this, make sure you don’t allow anything to come into contact with the powder coating, as this could cause part of it to fall off the wheel.

The next step is curing the wheel – the powder coating label should state at which temperature and duration. The procedure can be done via a flameless heat source, with a specialised powder coating oven commonly used. Curing ensures that the finish is even, and that there’s no running, dripping or sagging of the powder coat, meaning your wheels will be perfect the first time around.

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Types of powder coat paint

There’s a variety of powder coat paint on offer, allowing you to achieve the appearance and feel you’re looking for. Colour choices range from classy gloss black to vibrant shades of green.

A clear paint is also an option. This provides an additional layer of protection and is particularly good for giving some colours more depth. As well as this, it can create a unique appearance for your wheels – there’s a multitude of gloss levels available, some with added metallic flakes.

Besides solid colours, chromes are another alternative. They are the most reflective kind of paint and deliver high shine, but they do need to be clear-coated to prevent oxidation after curing. Many often choose chrome to use as a base coat for other colours.

Powder coat paint comes in an array of different finishes, including smooth, wrinkled, matte and rough. The latter is particularly useful if there’s any flaws on your wheel’s surface, whilst wrinkled finishes offer a texture that you can see and feel.

Powder coating wheels with DA Techs

For many, the DIY route to powder coating wheels isn’t appealing. The need for a dedicated oven or the purchase of a specific powder coat paint for just a one-time use can be off-putting. Instead, let DA Techs do the work for you.

You’ll still be able to choose how your wheels will appear – select from our wide variety of colours and finishes to get your desired outcome. If you need some inspiration before you make a decision, take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Visit us at our Adlington Business Park in Chorley, or if you’d prefer not to travel, we’d be more than happy to come out to you. To find out more about our powder coating wheels service, get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 01204 859045.

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